Quad-Shield, 75 Ohm Mini RG59 (Legacy)

DOCSIS 3.1 Compliant

Key applications for WSE Legacy, Mini RG59 quad shield coax cable and connectors include broadband routers and switching equipment where immunity to conducted disturbances is required, but space is limited.

The quad-shield cable features a 100% bonded foil, 95% inner braid, 100% foil and 90% outer braid configuration. The conductor is solid 23 AWG copper.

This cable is approved for use by Cisco on CMTS routers and exceeds the conducted RF immunity requirements of EN61000-4-6.


Electrical Specifications

Impedance: 75 ± 1.5 ohms Nom.

Inductance: .106 µH/ft Nom.

Capacitance (Conductor to Shield): 16.3 pF/ft Nom.

Velocity of Propagation: 83% Nom.

Delay: 1.22 ns/ft Nom.

Conductor Resistance at 20°C: 20.1 ohms/1000 ft Nom.

Shield DC Resistance at 20°C: 3.5 ohms/1000 ft.

Return Loss: 23 dB min., 5 - 850 MHz. 21 dB min., 851 - 3000 MHz Max.

Operating Voltage: 300 Vrms (UL)


Physical Specifications

Conductor: Solid copper

Shielding: 100% bonded foil, 95% tinned copper inner braid, 100% foil, 90% tinned copper outer braid

ULNEC/C(UL) CEC Type: CMR; CEC C(UL) rated CMG, FT-4

Temperature Rating: -20° to +75° C

Diameter over Dielectric: .102” nom.

Dielectric Material: Gas Injected Foam High Density PE

Maximum Pulling Tension: 36 lbs

Minimum Bend Radius: 1.5"

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescriptionNominal O.D. (in)Nominal Weight. (lb/1000')
YR50391 Mini RG59 Quad Shield, Single .18530.0
YR50386010 Mini RG59 Quad Shield, 5-pack (first 5 colors) .690225.0
YR52310010 Mini RG59 Quad Shield, 5-pack (second 5 colors) .690225.0
YR53058 Mini RG59 Quad Shield, 8-pack (multiple colors) .720 290.0