PT-5500 Compression Tool

Aluminum Compression Tool for Mini RG59, RG59 and RG6 Fixed Pin Connectors


  • Use the appropriate ¼ x ¼ cable strip tool for the cable being terminated.
  • Prep the cable and install the connector onto the cable per connector installation instructions
  • Insert the connector into the plunger tip and push the cable down through the 360 degree connector support dogs
  • Start to close the handles of the tool together
  • As the handles close, the plunger slides toward the dogs
  • When the handles are fully closed together, the connector has been terminated
  • Open handles to remove the connector
  • Back the connector away from the plunger slot and grasping the cable behind the connector, lift the assembly out of the tool
  • NOTE: The compression throw distance is set at the factory. A hex lock nut keeps the tool calibrated over long periods of use. Field calibration, if necessary, is quick and easy. We advise periodic use of 3 in 1 oil on the plunger only.