Custom Passive Panels

WSE makes panels to your specifications – with ports for all types of connectors. Specify panel height (1RU-4RU or larger), number of ports, type of connectors to be mounted, and screening or labeling requirements. We also provide blank panels, right-angle and off-set wire management brackets, and cutout panels without connectors.

Part Numbering Guideline (example: PP32DFRU2NUM)

PP10BNCRU1BLANK .... Panel, 10 Port Load BNC RU1 BLANK

PP16DBNCRU1BLANK .... Panel, 16 Port BNC Loaded RU1 Blank

PP16DBNCRU1NUMBOX .... Panel, 16 Port RU1 Loaded DCUT BNC NUMBOX

PP16DFRU1BLANK .... Panel, 16 Port F Loaded RU1 BLANK

PP16DFRU1NUMBOX .... Panel, 16 Port DCUT F NUM BOX Loaded

PP16DRCARU1BLANK .... Panel, 16 Port RCA Loaded RU1 BLANK

PP20DFRU1BLANK .... Panel, 20 Port 1RU Feedthru Cisco 10K CMTS

PP20DFRU1CS .... Panel, 20 Port DCUT F BLANK Loaded

PP26DFRU1BLANK .... Panel, PATCH 26 Port F 1RU BLANK

PP26DFRU1NUMBOX .... Panel, 26 Port F NUM BOX Loaded

PP26DBNCRU1BLANK .... Panel, 26 Port DCUT BNC RU1 BLANK Loaded

PP30D3/8RU1CSV .... Panel, 30 Port 1RU Feedthru CISCO 10K CMTS

PP32BNCRU2BLANK .... Panel, PATCH 32 Port w/BNCF Loaded BLANK

PP32BNCRU2NUMBOX .... Panel, PATCH 32 Port BNC Loaded NUM & BOX

PP32DFRU2BLANK .... Panel, 32 Port DCUT F RU2 BLANK Loaded

PP32DFRU2NUM .... Panel, 32 Port F NUMBER Loaded

PP32DFRU2NUMBOX .... Panel, 32 Port DCUT F NUMBOX Loaded

PP40BNCRU2BLANK .... Panel, 40 Port BNC BLANK Loaded

PP48BNCRU2BLANK .... Panel, 48 Port BNC RU2 BLANK

PP48BNCRU2NUM .... Panel, PATCH 48 Port BNC Loaded NUM

PP48BNCRU2NUMBOX .... Panel, 48 Port BNC RU2 NUM & BOX

PP48BNCRU3NUM .... Panel, PATCH 48 Port RU3 NUM Loaded DUCT BNC

PP48BNCRU3NUMBOX .... Panel, 48 Port BNC RU3 NUM & BOX

PP48DBNCRU3BLANK .... Panel, 48 Port BNC Loaded RU3 BLANK

PP48DFRU2BLANK .... Panel, 48 Port RU2 D CUT F BLANK Loaded

PP48DFRU2NUM .... Panel, 48 Port F 2 RACK UNIT NUM Loaded

PP48DFRU3BLANK .... Panel, 48 Port F Loaded RU3 BLANK

PP48DFRU3NUM .... Panel, 48 Port F 3 RACK UNIT NUM Loaded P

P48DFRU3NUMBOX .... Panel, 48 Port D CUT F Loaded RU3 NUM & BOX

PP48DRCAFU3BLANK .... Panel, 48 Port RCA Loaded RU3 BLANK

PP54BNC2RUBLANK .... Panel, 54 Port, Loaded BNCS 2RU

PP60BNCRU2BLANK .... Panel, 60 Port BNC RU2 BLANK

PP80BNCRU3BLANK .... Panel, 80 Port BNC RU3 BLANK

PP180DFRU8BOX .... Panel, PATCH 180 Port DCUT F RU8 BOX Loaded

Ordering Information

PP=Loaded Panel# of PortsCutout and Connector type - (D-Cut “F” connector)# Rack UnitsBLANK = No Screen NUM = Numbers Only BOX = Box Only NUMBOX = Number and Box

Unloaded panel part numbers are start with “APP” and include the cutout dimension (1/2 or 3/8 inch).