Corning Gilbert "F" Series Connectors

“F” connectors allow a coaxial cable to maintain a 75-ohm impedance. They are used with 59, 6, 7 and 11 cable series. Use of “F” connectors helps avoid impedance problems with interfaces and splices.

59 and 6 “F” connectors are available in a convenient feed-through design.

7 and 11 connectors have an internal pin contact that mate to female ports.

The Corning-Gilbert family of universal connectors is designed to accept 60% through Quad shield cables. They maintain good electrical and mechanical properties and are installed with a crimp tool.

See PDF for ordering information and specifications on:

  • Series 59 and 6 Connectors
  • Series 7 and 11 Connectors
  • USA F Male
  • F Male Connectors
  • Series 7 Integral Pin
  • Series 11 Integral Pin
  • Series 11 Crimp-on Pin