Corning Gilbert 90° Seizure Screw AdaptorsTrunk and Distribution Adapters

Adapters are essential components to configure equipment for aerial and underground applications and are used to change the direction of the cable where space is limited or where tight bends are required. Our adapters allow room to economize the enclosures installed on municipal and customer properties. They eliminate the need for excess splicing in system rebuilds and reduce the number of cables damaged through tight bending radiuses and other installation challenges. Seizure screws or socket contacts are used to make contact with the mating connector pin.

Seizure Series Adapters
· Seizure screw versions use a screw to tighten down on either the cable’s center conductor in feed thru connectors or the pin of the mating connector or adapter
Socket Series Adapters
· Socket contact adapters automatically make contact with the pin of the mating connector or adapter as the KS male port is threaded into the adapter
· Both style of adapters are available with either jam nuts or swivel KS male ports to allow for proper orientation
· Reusable
· Center conductor trim guide