Broadcast BNC Connectors

AirBNC connectors combine the high performance needed for broadcast applications with the proven ease of termination and reliability of the one-piece design.

All AirBNC connectors meet and exceed the requirements of SMPTE292M and provide headroom – even out to 4.5 GHz.

BNCFPSLCB and BNCFPB are DOCSIS 3.1 compliant.

Ordering Information

Part NumberImpedanceCable Retention Force (lbs)Current Rating (amps)Working Voltage (RMS)Cond./Pin VSWR @ 3 GHzBody Retention (grams)Material/FinishCable Attachment Style
BNCFPSLCB 754055001.1 >150 Brass, Dark Nickel Plating Mini RG59 Compression Plug
BNCFPSLC6B75405 5001.1 >150Brass, Dark Nickel Plating RG6 Compression Plug
BNCFPB 75405500 1.1>150Brass, Dark Mini RG59 Nickel Plating Crimp Plug
BNCFPSLC59B75405 5001.1 >150Brass, Dark Nickel PlatingRG59 Compression Plug
BNCFP6B754055001.1>150Brass, Dark RG6 Nickel Plating Crimp Plug
BNCFP59B 75405 500 1.1>150Brass, Dark RG59Nickel Plating Crimp Plug-Special Order