3-Piece Hardline Connectors

PPC hardline connectors are renowned for their quality, performance, reliability, and ease of installation. They are designed to handle the challenges of today’s digital cable networks including: high speed data, telephony, and performance beyond 1 GHz. PPC’s hardline connectors are designed for all major CATV cable manufacturers: CommScope, Times Fiber, and Trilogy.

PPC connectors also boast an unusual feature which is a key advantage for customers: reusability.During routine, as well as most emergency maintenance, PPC connectors can be reused without damage.


  • RF shielding effectiveness better than -120 dB, even at temperature extremes
  • Thin film lubricant on all threads for smooth, non-galling installation
  • Positive stop feature eliminates need for torque wrenches or special tools and guarantees consistent installation every time
  • Patented anti-rotational feature which prevents cable rotation during installation
  • Center conductor mark on all connectors for accurate cable preparation
  • Self locking feature prevents back nut loosening caused by cable vibration
  • Only one wrench size needed for each connector
  • Mid-body clamping mechanism to prevent cable rotation during installation
  • Active O-ring engages when connector is tightened to prevent moisture migration

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
TPP500P3Connector, 3 PC, Pin for .500 P3 Cable
TPP750P3Connector, 3 PC, Pin for .750 P3 Cable
TPS500P3Connector, 3 PC, Splice for .500 P3 Cable
TPS750P3Connector, 3 PC, Splice for .750 P3 Cable