1.0/2.3FPB90 Specifically designed for installations which require the cable to be routed 90° from the connector interface, the 1.0/2.3FPB90 connector saves space and eliminates the problems caused by too tight a bend radius in the cable. Using our proven, labor-saving one-piece design, the 1.0/2.3FPB90 is compatible with 23 AWG precision video cables including YR46940, 1855A and VDM230.

The 1.0/2.3FPB90 is used for a variety of applications and settings, including video production trucks, cameras utilizing 1.0/2.3 jacks, internal chassis wiring and mating to 1.0/2.3 panels. The 1.0/2.3FPB90 return loss exceeds the SMPTE 292M requirement.