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Corning 90 Degree Node

Critical Bandwidth Demand

Product performance and reliability are critical when designing and deploying your fiber-deep network. That’s why TVC Communications offers a comprehensive line of products from Corning that address the challenges installers face in the OSP environment.

Selecting the right products for your network build, while being mindful for future broadband expansion demands will greatly ease your deployment and speed turn-up and repair. As a supply chain partner, TVC can ensure products are in stock and ready to ship when you need them.

Deploying nodes quickly, is critical to today’s operators.

The solution? The Corning 90° node assembly, available from TVC.

Specifically designed to connect a HFC node to the fiber optic distribution cable, the CATV node assembly is available in a straight or a 90° access. This unique design allows the technician to configure the system with pre-connectorized cables dropped at the node location. Quick and easy field installation, along with excellent protection from the elements, means you get unmatched product performance and reliability.

Features and Benefits

  • Withstands 400 lbs pull-out force - Protects the integrity of connection
  • Rugged design - Provides protection against inside and outside water penetration
  • Cable lengths up to 3000 feet - Eliminates the need for additional splice points, hardware, and labor time at the node location
  • Factory-installed and factory-tested connectors - Delivers reliable performance
  • Available with a variety of leg lengths and connector types - Ensures the flexibility needed inside the node

Corning Ribbon Cables

Corning Ribbon CableCorning SST-Ribbon™ and SST-UltraRibbon™ gel-free cables represent a truly innovative breakthrough in outside plant cable technology. Providing high-fiber counts in a rugged, compact design, the enhanced coupling features ensure the ribbon stack and cable act as one unit, providing long-term reliability in aerial, duct and direct burial applications. These features also minimize ribbon movement in situations where cable vibration may occur.

Corning Splice Closures

Corning 2178 ClosureCorning splice closures are designed for splicing fibers in aerial, duct and buried applications. Pairing the proper splice closure for your fiber selection makes for a faster deployment and speeds turn-up and repair. These closures accommodate fiber optic cables and provide excellent environmental protection while allowing ease of access and re-entry.

Let TVC and Corning take the guesswork out of your next fiber buy. Let’s talk!

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