MODULATOR, FIXED CH. MINI CH'S 2-86Drake Fixed Channel Mini-Modulator

Specify Channel 2-86

The Drake VMM600 Video Modulator is a professional quality modular headend system designed to optimize rack space. The VMM600 is a high quality fixed channel heterodyne audio/video modulator. One to twelve modulators can be mounted in the same amount of rack space typically required for two standard size units. Ideally suited for private cable, hotels and motels, institutional, and SMATV applications, the VMM600 accepts video and audio baseband signals from a satellite receiver, TV camera, videotape recorder, TV demodulator, or similar signal sources.

• +45 dBmV output. Adjustable from +30 to +45 dBmV
• SAW filtering for superior adjacent channel performance
• Front panel control of RF output level, A/V ratio, and video/audio modulation
• Complies with FCC Rules Part 76
• Rack mount and power supply sold separately