MODULATOR, 57dB, AGILE, DUAL IF LOOPPico Macom Modulator, 57dB, Agile, Dual IF Loop, Ch 2-78

Pico Macom's PFAM550MT is frequency agile professional re-broadcast grade, microprocessor controlled CATV modulator. The PFAM550MT features a composite audio-video IF loop, which provides compatibility with encoders, ghost cancellers, and video-override applications. The phase-locked loop frequency control, double heterodyne conversion, and superior SAW filtering minimize adjacent channel interference and assure accurate and spurious free output. The PFAM550MT provides over 62dBmV output from CATV channels 2 to 78 including channels 95 to 99 (54-550 MHz) while accommodating HRC and IRC offset frequencies. Channel selection is accomplished via channel up/down buttons located on the front panel while built-in RF muting circuitry prevents interference during online channel reassignment. Rear-panel connectors accommodate both BTSC composite (MPX) and 4.5MHz stereo insertion. The modulator is shipped with all internal adjustments preset. The unit conforms to FCC Docket 21006 for frequency accuracy.