DEMODULATOR, AGILEPico Macom Agile Demodulator, Ch. 2-125

The Pico Macom PFAD-900CS is a frequency agile professional re-broadcast grade, microprocessor controlled CATV demodulator. Its phase-locked-loop frequency control, envelope signal detection, and superior SAW filtering minimize adjacent channel interference and assure accurate and spurious free performance. The unit accepts any NTSC television signal in the 54-806MHz frequency range converting it to baseband video and audio, while maintaining over 60dB S/N ratio. IRC or HRC offsets can be activated via push-button switches on the front panel. The unit?s PLL circuitry in conjunction with the non-volatile memory contained in the microprocessor ensures easy and reliable channel selection and restoration. The PFAD-900CS provides three additional outputs: (1) an IF output to monitor tuner status and use in encoder, ghost cancelling, and video override applications; (2) a 4.5MHz sub-carrier output; and (3) a broadband multiplex (MPX) output for high quality BTSC stereo. The PFAD-900CS demodulator is shipped with all internal adjustments preset.