TVC Delivers Turnkey Commercial Service Solutions

How do operators increase revenue with a shrinking subscriber base? By adding services targeted at commercial and business enterprises, and TVC can help.

In the last few years, satellite and over-the-top video offerings have lured traditional cable customers away. By replacing this customer base with highly profitable commercial and business subscribers, cable operators can open up a whole new revenue stream.

With clear advantages over telecom, cable companies can deploy Metro Ethernet networks quickly and cost-effectively. TVC Communications, a Division of Wesco Distribution, Inc., provides scalable 10MB to 40G solutions from best-in-class multi-tier manufacturers.

TVC can provide professional design services to help you take full advantage of your existing network for Metro Ethernet services, both as it exists today and to prepare for future expansion, including CWDM solutions to optimize your fiber networks. Additionally, TVC has the depth to deliver all of the products you’ll need for a complete Metro Ethernet solution, including headend optoelectronics, fiber cable, splice enclosures, termination panels and jumpers. Most importantly, TVC provides high performance test equipment to ensure your turn-up & test goes smoothly and is completed on time, assuring your Service Level Agreements are met.

Call on TVC to help you implement you Metro Ethernet networks – and begin growing your Commercial Services business today.