Cellular Backhaul

How do you install new cables from a tower site to local hard line cable plant without retrenching while simultaneously minimizing your expenses? With MaxCell.

MaxCell Fabric Innerduct can vastly reduce the cost of placing new cables by overriding existing cables in occupied conduits and in most cases, eliminate the need for new conduits. From platform based cabinets, electronic sheds, or self contained newly installed field cabinets, MaxCell is the preferred solution for placing new cables in Cellular Backhaul applications.

By assuming the shape of the cables placed within, MaxCell takes up significantly less space than rigid innerduct. Its physical structure and properties provide greater flexibility, yet better protection against abrasion and friction damage for incumbent cables. MaxCell is available in multiple
sizes and types to handle the smallest of any type of cable to the largest
required for backhaul applications.

Maxcell, the innerduct solution for Cellular Backhaul.