Uraseal's CT Series SystemUraseal’s CT Series System is used for the encapsulated repair, or splicing of cable communications cable. The kit comes complete with a vinyl closure, emery cloth, gloves, mixing paddle and encapsulate.

A Cost Effective Way To Seal Or Repair Buried Cable

• Protects Against Cable & Connector Corrosion
• Cost Effective
• Easy to Install
• Permanent, 100% Water Tight
• Restores Network Integrity

As bandwidth increases, the demand for reliable, corrosion-free connections is more critical than ever. With a snap of your fingers, protect your cable and connectors with Uraseal’s series of splice protection kits specifically designed to maintain the integrity of your network in today’s high speed environment.

Adaptable & Easy to use
The self-sealing tapered ends on the flexible case provide a positive seal to various size cables without taping. The pouring slots and air vents allow air to escape, while the flexible closure will allow you to work out any entrapped air bubbles.


The encapsulating resin has controlled exotherm (heat building up through chemical reaction) that will not damage even the thinnest wall of polyethylene or polypropylene insulation.

Excellent Penetration
Low viscosity compound completely penetrates even large conductor bundles.

Assured Protection
The CT Series kit provides positive moisture protection, even in the toughest environments. The electrical and insulation properties are also excellent.

Cold Temperature Casting

Excellent encapsulation can be achieved even when the cable is at zero degrees (18 degrees C), if the polyurethane is preheated to 50 degrees F (10 degrees C).

Faster Gel Time
Approximately 10 minutes at 77 degrees F (25C)