Channell Challenger Series Pedestals

Designed specifically for housing passive equipment, these special versions of the Channell CPH 911, CPH 915, CPH 920, CPH 1012, CPH 1016 and CPH 1022 pedestals feature direct-bury bases with a high rib design that do not require stakes for installation. The direct-bury pedestal bases result in a more uniform and secure installation that is less likely to lean or tilt. An optional stake mounting provision is available for joint trench or other special applications. A special self-locating cover ensures that the pedestals lock properly without requiring special alignment. The covers utilize Channell's proven Self-Lock® security hardware and tools used on all installed Challenger pedestals.


  • 9" and 10" diameter round profiles provide maximum workspace and bend radius provisions for all passives, cables and connectors
  • Round pedestal style maintains a consistent look with legacy pedestals in the field
  • Constructed of durable, high-strength materials for maximum security and long service life
  • Universal equipment mounting bracket for passives facilitates installation standardization and reduces inventory
  • Optional stake mounting provision for joint trench or other special applications