PRO-Strike™ Punchdown Tool

The new PRO-Strike Punchdown Tool is the primary tool for all telecom and datacom installers working with 110, 66, Krone and BIX™ style cross connects. This professional tool will provide precise, repeatable and reliable terminations that helps ensure installations pass certification and your peace-of-mind. 


  • Terminate and cut Cat3/5/5e/6 cables
  • Spring loaded for fast, low effort wire seating and termination
  • Bayonet style (twist & lock) blade retention socket is compatible with industry standard tools and blades
  • New built-in hook feeds or removes wire
  • New multi-use spudger for screwdriver, IDC insert tool or to clean debris
  • 110, 66, 630, Krone and BIX™ style interchangeable blades
  • Color coded yellow on the cut side of the tool per industry standard
  • Will not damage sensitive circuitry
  • Spare blade storage compartment in the handle
  • Adjustable low and high force impact settings are precisely controlled to meet the industry standard 8762D spec

Ordering Information

Part #Description
13150C PRO-Strike Punchdown Tool, handle only
13155C PRO-Strike Punchdown Tool, w/66 blade
13156C PRO-Strike Punchdown Tool, w/110 blade
13157C PRO-Strike Punchdown Tool, w/66 & 110 blades
13159C PRO-Strike Punchdown Tool, w/66/110 Combo blade