Locking Terminator Tools

Cablematic locking terminator tools feature a tip design that keeps out foreign debris, which could interfere with proper tool operation.

They have been designed to be used on the following locking terminators:

  • o Corning Gilbert — GTP
  • o PCT International — TPG
  • o PDI Incorporated — PTP-59, PTP-59LR, PTP-59-PB
  • o PPC — LFT
  • o Signal Vision, Inc. — SV-LT & SV-LTA
  • o Viewsonics — TR 75 GTL

Available in two convenient lengths:

  • · Longer and larger handle diameter on LTT-7 (1-1/4 inch / 31.8mm diameter) for better grip and leverage
  • · Smaller diameter handle on LTT-4 (1 inch / 25.4mm diameter) provides easier access between trap shields on tap spigots

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
LTT-4Locking Terminator Tool, 4 ½” long
LTT-7Locking Terminator Tool, 8" long