Little Giant Sumostance Ladder

The SumoStance® is the world’s only wide-stance extension ladder with height-adjustable outriggers, which double the ladder’s base width and increase side-tip stability by over 600 percent. The SumoStance is engineered to save lives. The vast majority of catastrophic side-tip ladder accidents happen because someone uses the wrong ladder for the job in the wrong way. The SumoStance’s intuitive safety features help ensure a safe, stable set-up for any job on almost any surface. The SumoStance is perfect for homeowners, trade professionals, contractors, and anyone who needs to use an extension ladder safely. SumoStance outriggers double the base width of the SumoStance, resulting in a base that is six times more stable than ordinary extension ladders. The SumoStance is equipped with heavy-duty combination rubber pad / spike feet for all kinds of terrain. The SumoStance also offers a side-to-side level bubble and front-to-back angle indicator, helping to ensure a safe ladder setup every time. The SumoStance also features Little Giant’s exclusive side-mounted, dual-pulley system, which reduces the force required to lift the fly section by 60% and removes a potential hazard caused by traditional mid-rung rope systems.