Klein 5707 PowerLine Tape Measure Holder

The Klein Tape Measure Holder may be a small addition to your belt but it makes a big difference in productivity.  If your still clipping your tape measure directly to your belt or pocket, the 5705 will give you easier access and prevent scuffed belts and ripped pockets.

The Klein Tool 5707 Makes it Easy to Access Your Tape Measure

There are other types of holders out there, but our customers often find this simple clip solution works best for them.  Your tape can be removed from the clip and put back with very little effort and while using only one hand.  It can be used on any belt up to 2-1/4" wide. Klein designed it to so the clip holds your tape measure below your waste line so it doesn't get in the way when bending side to side.

Buy the 5707 to keep your tape measure secure and have one less thing to worry about on the job site!

Specifications of the Klein 5707

  • Belt Width: up to 2-1/4''
  • Overall Size: 4-1/8'' x 3-3/4''
  • Usable Clip Size: 1-9/16" High x 1-3/8" Wide
  • Holds most tape measures with belt clips.
  • Rust-resistant metal clip riveted for strength.
  • Belt Connection: tunnel