Klein 646M Magnetic Tip Nut Driver Set - 6" Hollow Shanks - 1/4 and 5/16

The Klein 646m Nut Driver set includes the two hex nut drivers that are most commonly used by HVAC techs - 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch.  However, they are quality well rounded nut drivers that our customers use for a wide variety of applications.

Perfect for harder to reach areas, the longer 6" shafts help you gain access to areas inside equipment, cabinets, and beside HVAC units.  The shaft is also hollow and magnetic so you can work on longer bolts and won't loose the nuts.

646M - Magnetic Nut Drivers that Won't Drive You Nuts

If you find yourself frustrated dropping a nut when taking it off or right when your about ready to thread it on a bolt, grab one these drivers! Both nut drivers in this Klein 646M set utilize rare earth magnetic tips that securely hold fasteners in place for easy one-handed operation. 

The 646M Set Has Hollow Shafts

The set's 6" hollow shanks allow you to thread a nut onto a longer bolt (typically found on HVAC/R panels) without bottoming out.  The total length of the drivers is 9-3/4" long which will fit nicely into your Klein tool belt.  The cushion grip on the handle provides both comfort and torque to tighten and loosen nuts.  Since the two sizes look similar, Klein made the end of the handles color-coded so you can quickly grab the right tool and get cranking.

Purchase a set of the Klein 646M drivers and remember to drive responsibly!

Specifications of the Klein 646M Set

  • General purpose selection of the most frequently used nut drivers.
  • Includes two nut drivers (Cat. No. 646-1/4M and 646-5/16M).
  • Hollow shaft design with Rare Earth magnetic tip facilitates work on bolt applications
  • Handle end is color-coded for easy identification.
  • Internal flanges provide solid, twist-resistant shank anchor.
  • Cushion-Grip handle allows for greater torque and comfort.
  • Hex Size: 1/4'' & 5/16''
  • Overall Length: 9-3/4''
  • Shank Length: 6''