Jonard ASW-716 Speed Wrench

The Jonard ASW-716 speed wrench is used to tighten and loosen hex-head f-type connectors, nuts, and bolts.  As with all Jonard tools, this wrench was designed for professionals in the telecom, fiber optics, and electronic industries.  This wrench has a 7/16" opening on both ends and is 6-1/2" long.  The quality tool is make of carbon alloy steel construction and designed to last!

Speed Wrenches by Jonard are not Like Ordinary Wrenches

Speed wrenches are not like typical wrenches.  With ordinary wrenches you have to reposition the wrench
after each turn.  The Jonard Speed Wrench requires no repositioning and makes removal of nuts and bolts substantially faster.  This gives you the speed of a ratcheting tool, without the inevitable headaches that they can cause. Another feature is the fifteen degree angled head which eases access to hard to reach areas and minimizes the scraped knuckles all of us have come to experience. Add this speed wrench to your tool collection and start to save time and money!

Jonard ASW-716 Features:

  • Speed wrench for tightening and loosening hex head nuts and bolts
  • Chrome-plated high-carbon alloy steel construction provides durability and wear resistance
  • Head is offset 15 degrees to ease access
  • 6-1/2" length