Jameson MTK-40 J-LIFT Mobile Reel Transport

Jameson MTK-40 J-LIFT Mobile Reel Transport w/Single Mounting Plate, Light Kit Included is designed by professional cable installers, J-Lift allows one person to load and unload cable reels quickly, safely and easily. 

Directly mounts to service body pintle plate or easily slides into square hitch receiver with customer-supplied pintle hook mounting plate. 

The 1,000 lbs. lifting capacity* easily handles cable, fiber, strand wire, conduit, geothermal, fence, and more!

Industry professionals have found the J-Lift makes their job easier PLUS saves time & money compared to using a trailer!


  • Easy To Park & Back-Up
  • Parking Deck & Drive-Thru Accessible
  • Reduced Fuel Usage
  • Haul More Reels
  • Lower Insurance Costs
  • CDL Not Required
  • Use On Multiple Trucks
  • One Person Operation
  • Eliminates Need For Trailer
  • 1,000lbs Lifting Capacity*

*Depending on vehicle tongue weight and hitch class rating