Irwin Power Pole Auger BitsSingle twist type with single spur, cutter and side lip. Hollow center twist design for fast, continuous flow of chips. Medium-fast screw pitch. For boring creosoted poles and construction timbers and multiple timber applications. Heat-treated full length. Guaranteed consistent Rockwell hardness. Bores smooth clean holes for installing bolts and pins.

7/16" Hex shank fits all adjustable 1/2", 3-jaw chucks and No. 43907 bit extension. 5" shank has 1-3/4" to 1/2" round and 1-3/4" to 7/16" hex. Cut off hex section and use 1/2" round shank if job requires. (418H)

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
46911Irwin Power Pole Auger Bits, 11/16” x 23”
46913Irwin Power Pole Auger Bits, 13/16” x 23”