D814™ Series Impact Tools

Make effortless, uniform connections with Fluke Networks D814, all-in-one, telecom punchdown tool. Its adjustable impact wheel has high and low settings for any type of termination. Automatic spring mechanism provides right impact to seat and/or terminate wires. Compartment at the end of the tool stores an extra blade.

This punchdown tool is available alone or in sets with commonly-used blades. Its lifetime warranty is confirmation of its durability.

  • Industry standard
  • Incredibly durable with lifetime warranty
  • Accepts standard industry blades
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Adjustable spring impact mechanism allows low impact for 24- and 26-gauge wire or high impact for 22-gauge wire
  • Convenient blade storage built into the end of the handle
  • Easy blade insertion (locks in place)

Ordering Information

Part #Description
10054000D814 impact tool
10055000D814 impact tool with EverSharp 66 blade
10055110D814 impact tool with EverSharp 110 blade
10055200D814 impact tool with EverSharp 110 & EverSharp 66 blade
10055501D814 impact tool with EverSharp 110, EverSharp 66 blade & free blade
10055503D814 impact tool with BIX & Eversharp 66/110 cut blade