Fluke Networks Cable Strippers

Fluke Networks offers a variety of cable strippers and cutters for coaxial cables, UTP/STP telephone and data cables, and other flexible cables.

Double slotted
Designed for use with inside/outside JKT station wire, this 22/24 AWG wire insulation stripper with cutter is a standard hand tool carried by all telephone installers. Two slots side by side strip both IW jacket and individual conductors.

Cable Stripper
Adjustable cable cutter and stripper for round cables, UTP/STP telephone and data cables, and other flexible cables. Fluke Networks’ cable stripper provides effortless, finger-loop cutting and stripping of flexible cables. It features easily adjustable blade depth to "score" without damaging shielding and conductors. Use it to easily cut and strip round cables, UTP/STP telephone and data cables plus other flexible cables.

Coax Stripper
Perform 2-level and 3-level stripping on RG58/RG59, 162/6, and Belden 1694A coaxial cables. This spring-loaded stripper also features a built-in Allen wrench for adjusting the blade to prevent damage to the cable.

Combo Stripper
This highly versatile tool quickly cuts and rings Teflon, smoothly slits fiber, copper and coaxial cables, and rings 25-100 pair cable without nicking the conductor. To further enhance its performance, the stripper can handle different diameter cables, even smaller than 3/16 inch without any complicated blade adjustments.

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
11230002Cable stripper (round cable)
11231255Coax stripper, 2 & 3-level
11231257Coax stripper, 2-level
44200013Double slotted stripper 22/24 gauge
44210013Double slotted stripper with cutter, 22/24 gauge
44210015Double slotted stripper with cutter, 24/26 gauge