DiversibitsFor drilling in masonry walls and through plaster. Recommended for use with Abrasion Shield to reduce friction and abrasion as the shaft turns against masonry.

Designed for aggressive cutting in all types of wood. High speed bit head ensures longer life.

Wood-type auger bit with screw point. Pulls itself through wood, avoids walking or skidding. Excellent for drilling in soft woods or through thin sections. Slow back-taper allows for easy retrieval.

For aggressive chip removal in many types of woods. Screw point for easy starting and pulling through wood. With screw point removed, this bit can be ground to function like a standard combination bit.

For drilling in tough woods and thick obstacles. Drilling speed relative to pressure applied. Chips can be brought easily out of the hole.

Type M, Masonry
Type HS High Speed Steel
Type A, Auger
Type B, Combination with Screw Point
Type C, Combination