AJST Armored Jacket Stripper

The AJST Armored Jacket Stripper is designed to remove the outer jacket and armor layer on CommScope P3 JCASS and QR JCASS underground construction trunk and distribution cable

  • · Factory preset blade with no adjustment required
  • · Unique design has a common handle and interchangeable stripping heads for a range of cable sizes
  • · Rugged, color coded anodized aluminum design for easy identification and long life
  • · Extra long handle provides better stripping leverage and greater hand protection from armor chip 
  • · Replacement Blade: CB 213
  • · Length: 6.25” (159 mm)
  • · Weight: 11 oz (312g)

Ordering Information

Part NumberCable TypeColor
412 AJST 412/P3 CommScope® P3 Cable Black
500 AJST500/P3 CommScope® P3 Cable Red
625 AJST 625/P3 CommScope® P3 Cable Blue
875 AJST 875/P3 CommScope® P3 Cable Orange
540 AJST 540QR CommScope® QR® Cable Copper
615 AJST 615QR CommScope® QR® Cable Copper
860 AJST 860QR CommScope® QR® Cable Copper
750 AJST 750/P3 CommScope® P3 Cable Green