VS 300 View Safe Inspection ScopeThe VS300 Video Fiber Scope removes concerns for eye safety while inspecting optical fiber connectors. The design eliminates the optical path to the eye by utilizing a miniature camera and a state-of-the-art micro-display that achieves unparalleled clarity and resolution. The VS300 is modeled after the functionality of our highly successful OFS300 product line with the following improvements:

· The VS300 has no optical path to the user’s eye.
· The VS300 has NTSC video output.
· The VS300 has the familiar shape and control positions of the OFS 300 but is half the weight and has a molded easy grip case with easy access battery compartment.

The magnification of the unit is equivalent to 400x (23-degree field of view comparable to 8” monitor viewed at a distance of 20”) and provides 600x when its video output is displayed on a 12” monitor. The unit uses all the OFS 300 adaptor caps and has an energy saving automatic shutoff.

· Video Technology
· No optical path to your eye
· 400x magnification
· Resolves 3.4 micron scratches
· Universal Adaptor Interface with new “pan and lock” centering mount
· Video Output

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
VS300 Inspection Scope, 2 x AA batteries, neck strap, 2.5 mm universal adapter cap, and user’s guide