VIAVI OneExpert DSP (ONX-220)

Installation/service meter with ONX DNA, making it unequalled in speed, simplicity and value.

When home network quality is unreliable, customers become dissatisfied and are more likely to churn. At the same time technical complexity is increasing, but technician skill and experience at the installation service tier is typically minimal. It’s never been more important to have quick, effective troubleshooting tools that enable techs to quickly and efficiently verify performance as advertised. The ONX-220 is fast, complete, and follows up testing with simple cloud data storage to enable realtime close-out and reporting.


  • Fastest and most comprehensive tool for verifying high speed DOCSIS service activation and performance
  • Rugged build quality, workmanship, and reliability expected from VIAVI and our years of measurement experience
  • Technicians now have access to a rugged, precise measurement instrument at a budget minded price
  • Best balance of features, performance, and cost – designed to meet the budgets of installers and contractors


Base Unit Model # ONX-220-42-85-D31-BASE (See specification sheet for details)