TVC Fiber Splice Kit

TVC Fiber Splice Kit includes Cleaver and Visual Fault Finder.

Ordering Information

TVCFSK Kit Part NumbersDescription
FO103-SMIller Fiber Stripper
231212" Tape Measure
226Miller Tweezers
32721SHSharpie Black Marker
630-1/21/2" Nut Driver
D318-5C5" Needle Nose Pliers
KS1Kevlar Shears
CK6Razor Knife
FPF1Fiber Preparation Fluid
Fiber WipesFiber Wipes/ 90 Tub
F1-0006Cotton Swabs
700354 Bit Screwdriver Set
D259-4CMidget Diagonal Cutter
63050Cable Cutter
CRCable Ripper
CFSP60MM Fiber Splice Sleeve (100 Bag)
MK02Round Cable Slitter
95Cable Ripper
ACSArmored Cable Slitter
F1-00053HARDCase, Hard 20 x 8 x 15
F1-0053STPLeather Stitched Pallet
FOC-SSFiber Optic Cleaver
FO-VFLFiber Optic Visual Fault Locator
FI00053SFNInsert, foam, die cut, for FI00053HARD
45162 Stripper, 2-Step, Coaxial Cable to 1/8 ADJ. Blades for FO BT