915CL Optical Fiber Cleaver

The 915CL cleaver provides fast and accurate cleaves for use in the 910FS and the 915FS splicer. The fiber adapters supplied with the 910FS and the 915FS fusion splicers securely hold the fiber during both the cleaving and splicing processes, which minimizes the possibility of fiber damage. The 915CL is supplied with a fixed clamp for standalone operation.Features of the 915CL are:

  • Able to cleave multi-mode and single-mode fiber optic cables

  • Blades rotate for longer life - over 48,000 cleaves

  • Supports 250um, 900um fibers and loose tube fibers

  • Compatible with the 910FS or the 915FS Optical Fusion Splicer for maximum speed and efficiency with auto return mechanism

  • Safely collect end cuts during cleaving process in the dust bin

  • A fixed clamp allows the technician to use the 915CL as a standalone cleaver