LEXXI T1660 Radiodetection TDR Time Domain Reflectometer / Cable Test KitRadiodetection’s Lexxi T1660 provides an unrivalled combination of performance, usability and economy. Radiodetection has created Lexxi T1660 by taking the easy-to-hold ergonomics familiar to users of the Riser Bond Model 1550 and Bicotest Lexxi T810 and installing a unique TDR engine and a 3.5” color back-lit display.

The result is a cable tester whose 1% distance accuracy and resolution gives technicians the tool they need to find faults quickly and accurately. Added to this is the Lexxi T1660’s great value that allows more technicians to be equipped.

The Lexxi T1660 is suitable for analyzing all metallic cables consisting of at least two metallic elements, one of which can be the armouring or the screen. Cable types include CATV, twisted pair telecom, Ethernet and even LV power cables. The Lexxi T1660 is shipped with a set of 100Ω crocodile clip Twisted Pair connection cables as standard. Radiodetection’s Lexxi T1660 offers innovation and economy, enabling a step-change in productivity.

Standard Accessories, included with Lexxi T1660:

Connection cables, Twisted Pair, Alligator Clips - 10/T1660-TP-ALLIG
Lexxi T1660 bag, clear cover - 10/T1660-BAG

Along with the LEXXI T1660 and standard accessories listed above, our kit also includes the following:

75Ω BNC, including BNC-F adapter - 10/T1660-BNC-MOD-75