CableScout TV90

If your job is to find faults on coaxial cable, the Tempo CableScout® TV90 is built for you. Designed specifically for CATV and other coaxial cable applications, the TV90 applies the newest technology to provide both ease of use and coaxial cable testing performance not found in any other TDR. With the TV90, you’ll spend less time operating the TDR and more time repairing faults. Simply select the cable type to be tested and the TV90 does the rest. Pulse width, VP, gain, and vertical position are automatically selected and adjusted as you scan the cable. Finding the fault couldn’t be faster, just move the cursor to the fault and use the one-button zoom function to pinpoint its location.

On the performance side, the TV90 employs optimized pulsing and sampling, coupled with advanced filtering and signal-processing techniques. You always have a clean waveform for easiest event identification.

Additional Features:

  • Find Location of Damage In Drops
  • Find Impedance Mismatches
  • Locate Bad Passive Devices
  • Determine Length of Cable
  • Faults as near as 3 feet to 15km from the pedestal can be located with ease.
  • Rugged handheld TDR package.
  • Unmatched ease-of-use and telephony performance
  • Large, High-Resolution, Backlit Display
  • Splash, Dust, and Shock-Resistant Packaging
  • Easy to Use – Anyone Can Use It
  • One Button Expand/Full-View Function
  • Dedicated 75Ω "F" Connector
  • Intermittent Fault Location
  • Context-Sensitive Help (Help Screens Available for All Functions)
  • Small, Portable, Lightweight Package (2.2 pounds, 1 kg)
  • Accurate (±2 feet up to 200 feet, 1% beyond)
  • 4000-Foot Fault-Location Capability
  • Internal Cable Types for Fast, Accurate Testing
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
TV90CableScout TDR; Test Signal Output 1/2 sine.; Amplitude (into 75 Ohm) 6 ns pulse: 5 V.-12 ns pulse: 6 V.