The SeaChange® AssetFlow™ Content Management System is an enterprise-class asset and metadata workflow system that provides seamless management of video assets, such as TV programs, movies and their associated metadata.

The automated solution alleviates resource intensive overhead and manages the overall asset metadata transformation, plus content processing and asset delivery. Integrated with flexible storage options, the AssetFlow system is able to detect the assets placed there, and can conduct automatic asset processing and distribution operations based on user-defined rules and workflows.

SeaChange AssetFlow provides a GUI-based workflow interface that was developed specifically to give service providers the ability to manage, monetize and deliver content to their subscriber base while reducing operational costs. The enterprise-wide system manages the asset lifecycle for all types of assets to be delivered to any subscriber platform.


  • Intuitive storage integration automatically detects new assets upon arrival and initiates processing using a user-specified workflow
  • Easily manage the lifecycle and components of all system assets
  • Define flexible workflows to seamlessly process asset metadata transformation and asset distribution
  • Simple rules-based asset transformation allows assets to quickly meet new business utilization requirements
  • Seamlessly distribute processed assets to user-specified remote sites