ATX MAXNET IIThe MAXNET II Platinum Series provides an ultra-dense, fully integrated RF signal management solution. By utilizing the properties of MCX connectors and mini coaxial cable, MAXNET II offers the benefits of our original MAXNET line and more – in a lot less space. The product lineup includes splitting/combining passive modules (16, 8, 6, 4, dual 4-way, and triple 2-way), DC modules, broadcast/narrowcast combiner, diplex filter, MCX to F transition module, amplifiers, power supplies, RF detector A/B switch and optical receivers.

• 3RU active chassis can accommodate both active and passive modules – up to 24 single-width actives or passives (narrowcast amplifiers, optical receivers) or 12 dual-width modules (forward RF amplifiers, RF detector A/B switch)
• Fully integrated, ultra-dense, modular-based, MCX connector based RF/optical signal management platform
• Greater than 200% rack space savings over legacy management solutions
• DOCSIS® 3.1 and CCAP™ compliant
• High performance specification up to 1218 MHz
• Active chassis includes monitoring and control over the network
• All active modules are hot-swappable