dsr-7401 Commerical Integrated Satellite Receiver/Transcoder

The DSR-7401 Transcoder IRD from ARRIS provides a high-quality cost effective solution for service continuity as Programmers sunset their satellite SD service distribution. Utilizing the latest modulation and video compression technologies, the DSR-7401 down-converts and transcodes up to 12 input HD video sources simultaneously across four satellite transponders, all from a single Programmer. Customizable multiplex creation with Statmux output provides highly flexible transport stream grooming options and ensures delivery of the highest quality video. The high density transcoding enables the DSR-7401 to replace up to 12 single channel satellite receivers. The efficient use of rack space and low power consumption make this transcoder IRD an ideal solution for today’s modern digital headends.


  • DSR-7401 provides up to 12 transcoded SD output services from HD inputs
  • One RU design for rack space savings
  • Low power consumption provides operational cost savings
  • Simultaneously receives transport streams from up to 4 satellite transponders (single programmer) Statistical multiplexed output services for enhanced video quality
  • MPEG-4 HD inputs
  • MPEG-2 SD outputs
  • Decryption and pass-through of input video services
  • 4 RF inputs (L-Band)
  • Advanced DVB-S2x demodulation
  • Dual Gig-E outputs
  • Front panel confidence monitor
  • DigiCipher® II conditional access control
  • Ethernet port for configuration via web browser