Buckingham BuckSqueeze & EZ Squeeze


The BuckSqueeze is a Wood Pole Fall Restriction Device that provides continual Wood Pole Fall Protection during ascent and descent and, with the use of a secondary lanyard like the BuckAdjuster™, protects the user while climbing over obstacles. Buckingham’s WebGrab™ allows user to adjust easier while climbing, and the cam buckle adjustment at users side makes it easy to adjust the BuckSqueeze™ to fit the circumference of the pole while not working out of adjustment.No more tongue buckle to adjust at the back of the pole. Only one disconnect point to climb over an obstruction. One model, with accessories, can be used during all seasons: wet or iced poles with or without conduit. For distribution poles with a circumference from 16″ (5″ diameter) to 50″ (16″ diameter).

EZ Squeeze™

The lightweight design of the EZ Squeeze offers superb Wood Pole Fall Restriction capabilities and easy one handed outer strap adjustment through use of Buckingham’s patent pending WebGrab™ with the New BuckHorn Adjustment Lever. This component allows EZ length adjustment of the outer strap, without the need for the user to remove their weight from the device. With just a flick of the wrist user’s can adjust the strap in and just tapping the BuckHorn™ to adjust out.

The EZ Squeeze also features a New Loop Handle on the outer strap that provides a more ergonomic position for the user’s hands while ascending or descending. Also, through use of the WebGrab™ or BuckGrab™, the EZ Squeeze™ features easy one handed adjustment of the inner strap, and based on user’s preference, can easily be configured to use a rope or web strap. Other features of this product being one disconnect point when climbing over an obstruction, the ability to be used by right or left handed users, red warning center within straps to facilitate visual inspection for excessive wear and 3600 lbf. gate rated hardware. Because of its numerous available configurations, the EZ Squeeze™ fits many climbing styles and needs. Additionally, its modular design makes it easy to change out worn or damaged components or straps in the field. The unit is rated for a 350 lb. user when fully equipped and is manufactured, tested and inspected to meet the applicable requirements of the ASTM F887-13 standard.