Bashlin Lineman Rubber GlovesBashlin Linemen’s rubber gloves are manufactured by the White Rubber Corporation. These high quality, natural rubber Type I gloves are known for their “curved hand comfort” and flexibility.

Proper sizing is important for comfort. To determine the correct size, measure the circumference of the worker’s hand below the base of the fingers, on a line parallel to the finger crotches, passing through the thumb crotch. Add one inch. Please state the size when ordering. Available upon request: Linemen’s mittens, bell cuff, contour cuff, cripple hand gloves.

Ordering Information

Maximum UsageTest ClassVoltageColorPart Number for 14"
7,500 v110,000 vBlack14-10B
17,000 v220,000 vBlack14-20B
17,000 v220,000 vYellow/Black14-20YB