Vericom VC5 Colocation Cabinet

Colocation facilities often have SMB clients that require the same level of security and uptime that larger enterprise clients demand. Still, they don’t need an entire cabinet to house their equipment. This presents multiple challenges for colocation providers, including a potential reduction in space utilization (using a full wardrobe that is half empty) or increasing capital expenditures when an SMB grows out of a half cabinet or vacates the facility, forcing the data center to purchase an additional standard cabinet.

Like most colocation cabinets, Vericom’s VC5 Colocation Cabinet is designed to securely store ICT equipment for two tenants within the footprint of a single cabinet (eliminating the problem of space utilization). However, the VC5 Colocation Cabinet is also engineered to convert back to a standard, single-tenant cabinet to accommodate changes in future business needs (eliminating unused cabinets and/ or the expense of buying additional cabinets). With the VC5 Colocation Cabinet, colocation providers are able to cost-effectively service a wide range of tenants by maximizing space utilization and minimizing cabinet expenditures.


  • Secure Cable Pathways
  • Top or Bottom Cable Entry
  • Innovative Door Design
  • Combination Door Locks
  • Independent Rail Depth
  • Consistent Unified Design
  • Half Height Side Panels