Panduct® Type G - Wide Slot Wiring DuctChoose from 36 sizes of PANDUIT® Type G Wiring Duct from 0.5 "x 0.5" up to 6" x 4" in popular colors. Used for general purpose control panel wiring and to route and protect wiring in communication closets. The non-slip cover conceals all wiring and is easy to install. The duct and cover form a flush sidewall providing increased capacity and improved aesthetics.

• Made of lead-free PVC
• UL Recognized continuous use temperature: 122 °F (50°C)
• UL94 Flammability Rating of V-0
• Conforms with NFPA 79-2002 section 14.3.1 requirement for flame retardant material
• Provided with mounting holes

Features and Benefits
• Wide finger/slot design provides greater sidewall rigidity and can be used with a wide range of wire bundle sizes
• PANDUIT® exclusive rounded edges protects hands and wiring/cabling from abrasion
• Non-slip cover stays in place during shipment, vibration and when in vertical orientation, eliminating rework
• Flush cover design holds 10-12% more wires than traditional duct designs
• Double scoreline allows quick modification for larger cabling bundles saving installation time leading to a lower installed cost
• Specially formulated lead-free material eliminates health concerns associated with PVC that contains lead
• Restricted slot design retains wire in slot for fast, easy wire installation or removal

Base and cover sold separately.