Horizontal Lacer BarsThe economical and effective way to manage cable horizontally. New models are constructed from 1/4" diameter rod with flattened end (LBP-1.5R90, LBP-4R90, LBP-6R90 and LBP-10R90) and feature a 90° bend to provide clearance around components that extend past the rear rackrail. Made from 1/4" diameter rod with flattened ends (model LBP-1R, LBP-1.5 and LBP-1R4) or 3/16" thick aluminum (model LBP-1S), and finished in a black powder coat. Model LBP-1R4 features a 4" offset and model LBP-1.5 features a 1/2" offset for easy viewing of cable identification. Model LBP-1A, LBP-2A, LBP-4A and LBP-6A feature a formed " L" shape, generous cable tie slots, a special coating to protect cable, and are offered in straight and 2" , 4" and 6" offset models, respectively. All lacer bars sold in packs of 10.

Ordering Information

Part NumberStylePre-pack Qty.
LBP-1.5R90 90°, 1.5" offset round rod 10
LBP-4R9090°, 4" offset round rod 10
LBP-6R90 90°, 6" offset round rod 10
LBP-10R9090°, 10" offset round rod 10
LBP-1Srectangular bar10
LBP-1. 51. 5" offset round rod10
LBP-1R44" offset round rod10
LBP-2A"L" bar, 2" offset10
LBP-1A-23"L" bar, 23" width 10
LBP-1Rround rod10
LBP-1A"L" bar10
LBP-4A"L" bar, 4 " offset10
LBP-6A"L" bar, 6 " offset10
LBP-LTF2 space lacer panel 10