Antenna Mount Cantilever StyleAntenna Mount, Cantilever Style

The BTY-C-MOUNT consists of a heavy duty square aluminum boom and all clamping hardware required for rear mounting of VHF Antennas; BTY-5-LB, BTY-10-HB, BTY-LPLB, BTY-LP-HB and BTY-LP-BB. Cantilever end-mounting is commonly used since the antennas are usually attached to tower legs rather than to masts. The BTY-C-Mount provides antenna mounting to a horizontal or vertical tower leg or mast 1.25" to 2.5" OD.

The BTY-MC is a heavy duty, stainless steel 90 degree mounting clamp designed to fasten up to 2.5" OD tower legs or masts. They are used in constructing BTY Series antenna arrays for applications requiring increased gain and directivity.