DEMODULATOR, ATSC/QAM, AQDATSC/QAM DEMODULATOR-Receives & Demodulates Digital Signals For Analog Distribution 8VSB Or QAM Input, Baseband Audio/Video Output.

*Requires ADQ-PCM Power Supply & QTRC Chassis

The ATSC/QAM Demodulator is housed in a 3 RU Module that allows for 8 units to be inserted in a chassis with a common power & control unit. The power and control unit features a 2 line by 16 character liquid crystal display (LCD) to allow interaction with the easy to follow user menu functions for simple programming. The entire rack can also be optionally remotely controlled via an RS-232 modem or the Blonder Tongue AQD-RCS.

The AQD provides the operator with a NTSC composite video via an F connector and audio via left/right RCA connectors. This is designed to function seamlessly with Blonder Tongue analog modulators to allow the delivery of the desired digital signals in any analog channel. The unit supports decoding all 18 ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) standard formats including 8VSB, annex B QAM64 & QAM 256. Video is displayed in 480i (NTSC) in 4:3 or 16:9 formats with closed captioning decoding supported as well.

Available in: AQD, AQD-PLUS and AQD-PLUS-ASI