Vikimatic MultiCell

MultiCell Conduit is packaged from the factory in bundles. Each bundle contains sections of pipe that measure 20 feet.

Each section of pipe is shipped with a protective wrap on both ends which prevents any foreign material from entering the MultiCell before being installed in the ground.

MultiCell Steel Conduit is normally manufactured in 10 foot lengths.

STANDARD PVC DUCT The Standard 4-way or 3-way PVC MultiCell is available in several configurations. We can provide a MultiCell assembly with an outer shell of Type C duct, Schedule 40 UL conduit or Schedule 80 duct. These are intended mainly for direct burial installation. We can also provide a boreable 4-way or 3-way MultiCell with a locking Schedule 40 outer duct is also available.

FIBERGLASS DUCT For aerial and underground installations. This MultiCell system is also manufactured with a fiberglass outer duct. The outer duct is available with a .070 inch wall, .090 inch wall or .250 inch wall thickness in bullet resistant fiberglass. Fiberglass installed above ground is joined with a 2-part epoxy.

STEEL DUCT For underground boring or underbridge applications. Provides extra tough protection with either three or four inner ducts inside a 4” Schedule 40 galvanized steel outer duct. Expansion joints for underbridge applications are readily available. 

See PDF for complete details, product information and specifications.