Power & Communications Duct

Power & Communications Duct and fittings are designed and formulated specifically for concrete encased and direct burial applications of power utility primaries, secondaries, street lighting and distribution systems.

Power & Communications Duct complies with NEMA Standard TC-6 & 8, and ASTM F-512 for utility duct. Both EB and DB duct are rated for use with 90°C conductors. Power & Communications Duct fittings comply with NEMA TC-9 Standard. The Telephone Duct complies with NEMA TC-10. Bellcore CAO 8546, GT8343, and other applicable telephone standards.


  • High impact strength
  • Excellent structural strength
  • Superior load bearing
  • Multiple duct banks can be pre-assembled and lowered into trench
  • No special cutting or tapering devices required
  • Provides easy bending around obstructions minimizing the need for special angle couplings and sweeps
  • Superior aging and weathering characteristics


  • Heat resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Conforms to NEMA Standard TC-6 & 8 and ASTM Standard F-512 for utility duct
  • Duct Type EB-20 is ETL Listed
  • Low coefficient of expansion
  • Continuous rigid control Smooth inner wall and smooth transition between joints

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