Power & Communication Duct Type DB-60Meets NEMA Standard TC-6 & 8 DB-60/ASTM F-512

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Nonmetallic Power & Communication Duct Type DB is manufactured from an high modulus C-600 compound, developed especially for power and communications applications, and is designed for use in direct burial or concrete encased installations. Type DB is rated for 90°C cable.

Trench should be graded true and free from stones and soft spots. Backfill should also be free of stones and be firmly tamped around the sides of the conduit, to develop maximum supporting strength. Tamping on top of the conduit is not recommended.

In rocky soil where it is impossible to have an even trench bottom, a selected backfill should be put in before laying the conduit. Selected backfill (not tamped) at least 6” over the top of the conduit is recommended. After final backfill is placed, tamping may be used to finish the grade.

The method of direct burial varies with soil condition, load conditions, and engineering preferences. A common practice is to lay one tier at a time, backfill, and repeat with the desired spacing of ducts being made as ducts are layered.

Many companies have used the heavier wall Type DB-120 in a duct-to-duct formation. Where limited loads occur, this type of installation has proven satisfactory.

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Nom. SizeStd. Crate Qty. Approx Wt. Per 100'O.D.Min. Wall
3 2,000813.500.092
6520 2886.625.182