BANDPASS FILTER, SINGLE CH.2-53Pico Macom, Single Channel Bandpass Filter

Specify Channel 2-53

The Pico Macom BPF is an extremely cost and space effective professional grade single-channel bandpass filter. The BPF was designed to provide an additional level of bandpass filtering when used in conjunction with Pico Macom?s XBS series of single channel amplifiers, especially in applications where undesired adjacent channels are present. The high out-of-band signal rejection eliminates cross modulation and overload distortion caused by strong adjacent carriers entering an amplifier. Unwanted images caused by dual amplifier processing of the same signal are also eliminated thereby further reducing distortions and improving picture quality. Four front panel tunable Hi-Q traps allow easy selection and suppression of adjacent carriers. The BPF is useful also in eliminating unwanted conversion products resulting from strong local signals entering the Pico Macom XUV channel converter thereby achieving cost effective drop in expansion.

• 60 Channel Frequency Range 54~408 MHz (CATV 2~13, A1~A5, A~QQ)
• 7-section bandpass filter design ensures sharp skirt selectivity and provides excellent picture quality
• Front panel adjustable Hi-Q traps provide easy field suppression of out of band carriers for increased adjacent channel performance
• Compact and efficient design enables single rack unit (1.75?) height installation, saving valuable rack space
• Adjustable bandwidths for worldwide applications