The XAGA FOSC are Buried Fiber-Optic Splice Closures designed for direct-buried reel-end, branch, and repair splices, as well as for cable restoration.

They have taut-sheath capabilities, and are available in several sizes and configurations.

  • Compatible with any common cable construction
  • Meets the same sealing specification as XAGA 1650 series copper closures (based on heat-shrink technology)
  • Can store expressed loose buffer tubes and stranded fiber with no additional components

XAGA FOSC A1 closures are for field splicing drops to distribution cables when storage of slack fiber is required. Bond wire and strength member attachments are provided for each cable.

XAGA FOSC B1 and XAGA FOSC B2 closures are for splicing fiber-optic cables together at reel ends or branch points. Each closure accepts up to six cables and can be installed in a butt or in-line configuration. XAGA FOSC B2 closures have a double tray bank that doubles the splice capacity within the same diameter closure.

XAGA FOSC B2 Extension Kits are used to extend XAGA FOSC B2 closures to whatever length of sheath opening is required in order to splice into a taut-sheath cable or to span a long area of damaged cable.


Closure Kits (Available with or without cable moisture blocking components)

  • XAGA FOSC A1 Complete closure kit with one tray 102287
  • XAGA FOSC A1/CB As above with cable blocking 010647
  • XAGA FOSC B1Complete closure kit with one tray (SM6 modules) 459373
  • XAGA FOSC B1/CB As above with cable blocking 345669
  • XAGA FOSC B2 Complete closure kit with two trays (SM6 modules) 555721
  • XAGA FOSC B2/CB As above with cable blocking 040127

Re-entry Kits

  • XAGA FOSC A1 Re-entry Re-entry kit for A1 closure 522625
  • XAGA FOSC B1 Re-entry Re-entry kit for B1 closure 104493
  • XAGA FOSC B2 Re-entry Re-entry kit for B2 closure 654221

Tray Kits

  • FOSC ACC A Tray 12 “A” tray with two SM6 splice modules 019847
  • FOSC ACC B Tray 12 “B” tray with two SM6 splice modules 898849
  • FOSC ACC B Tray 16 “B” tray with two SM8 splice modules 299295
  • FOSC ACC B Tray 24 “B” tray with two SM12 splice modules 863927

Other Kits

  • XAGA FOSC B2 Extension components to extend B2 closure for long length repairs 330409
  • FOSC ACC Vent Tube Vent tube with valve for flash testing closure 563421
  • FOSC ACC XFEG External grounding kit 634659