SST- Drop Dielectric

SST-Drop™ Cables offer the ease-of-installation of standard ALTOS® Cable in an easy-access single-tube design.

Ideally suited for low-cost subscriber drop applications, the all-dielectic version of the SST-Drop Cable eliminates any bonding and grounding requirements.

Optical drop cables are intended primarily for operation in the last portion of an all-optical network, such as FTTH or FTTB networks, bridging the space between the distribution network and the subscriber premises. The subscriber premises in this case is a residential property or small- to medium-sized business located in a facility that can be serviced by an optical cable having 12 fibers or less.

Most applications will only require drop cables with two or four fibers. Typical drop cable distances are 100 m or less.

Features & Benefits

  • 1-12 Fibers
  • Aerial self-supporting or direct buried
  • All-dielectric design eliminates bonding/grounding
  • Works with industry-standard wedge clamps
  • Available in preconnectorized assemblies
  • Standard ALTOS Cable buffer tube in an easy-access stranded single-tube design
    • Standard craft practices
    • Standard hardware compatibility
  • Exceptional crush resistance